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The Future of Education

In 2015 April Reign started the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag to raise even more awareness of the Oscar's racism. In the last two weeks I have been contemplating about various parts of academe, education, and accessibility that are really so or too an inequitable thing and it has been really upsetting to watch the sheer lack of acknowledgment, and actively avoiding any reflection on how there are real real issues that need to be addressed, let me give you some examples. In these examples I will use the discipline noun as representative of the group and discipline in question : UDL is too white UDL is ableist UDL is really US-Centric UDL is really elitist UDL is really really heteronormative Accessibility is too elitist Educational development is really ableist Conference planning is ableist Conference planning is elitist I could go on. As I scroll through Twitter and I see all these announcements of books, keynotes, projects, I wonder if the folk stop to realize how these look to people

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