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Multimodal Considerations For Assessment Design Re ChatGPT

I know that in my last post I kind of promised I wouldn't talk about ChatGPT because frankly there are just too many takes on this right now. I didn't want to add to the long list of blogs, videos, articles, or podcasts on this because an un-curated list of links that folk expect instructors to navigate on top of everything else as they are thinking of their assessment design is just not helpful. And for the most part these posts are mostly, oh my goodness look what this can do the sky is falling chicken little type resources that don't provide any sort of guidance on next steps and things to consider. So yes I am adding to this cacophony, but I promise it will be short (735 words) and I promise I will give you suggestions as to what you absolutely should be doing. And I am adding to this cacophony because, as per usual, I want to talk about something that I am not seeing in this discussion at all (quelle surprise). A lot of the guidance and suggestions around how to redesi

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