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Long Weekend Accomplishment

The first long weekend of the year is in the books and I struggled with it the way that I normally struggle with long weekends. I look forward to the extra day of rest just like everyone else, but I also struggle with what that extra day means logistically, as in how will I fill that day? As I have mentioned a few times I try to take Saturdays off so that I can have time to relax and reflect before working on my to do list on Sunday. That to do list is usually some kind of writing, articles, conference papers, or even abstracts for calls for papers.
Saturday I eased into the long weekend by going to brunch with a former colleague that I don't see very often. It was a lovely time with great discussion. Then I debated what to do with myself for the remainder of the day. I did have a book to read but it was a book for work, and not necessarily a book for fun so I felt that meant it was not how I should spend this day off. I also have a long list of things bookmarked to watch on Netfli…

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