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Moving Backwards in Time

I wrote this blog last week and didn't publish it because I wanted to sit with it for a while and maybe revisit some points. So here it is and I hope it helps start conversation if anything.    I don't have it in me to write a cohesive blog this week because the pain is too much, so you are getting point form thoughts of what is going on (see UDL works and different ways to frame things still gets the same learning outcomes). I am typing this standing up using some sort of set up that involves all the first year chemistry and calculus textbooks from my undergrad that I still have because those who work through pain find ways to reduce that pain.   I am extremely saddened and disappointed how Higher Education is moving backwards in time on accessibility and is not thinking of flexibility in their delivery All of higher ed has demonstrated that we have the technology, the pedagogy, and the expertise to support inclusivity in education (that aligns to learning outcomes) and yet th

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