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The Problem with UDL

This is either going to be a very long post or a short one so let's see. What I do know is that is will probably upset a bunch of people and maybe that will actually get them to do something about it so again let's see (I am not optimistic about any change happening but this needs to be written). In the last month I have left not one but two UDL associations/groups. I left because what I was seeing was very scary and extremely harmful and I do not want to be associated with groups that consistently do things that are ethically really icky. I have seen the direct harms that these groups have done to disabled learners and folk in the UDL community who see themselves as UDL practitioners and I have raised these harms time and again to no change. I enter these meetings and there is always the same refrain "I don't know why I am having such a difficult time getting UDL uptake at my institution." And it is so sad because the reason is that THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE

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